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Alumni’s Project wins prestigious Sappi Ideas that Matter’s grant 2016!

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We are thrilled to share the news that the Blank Plate project by TransDisciplinary’s alumni Amy Findeiss, Eulani Labay and Mai Kobori has won the…


Two Transdisciplinary Design projects are winners of the New Challenge

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Transdisciplinary Design students make headlines again, this time by winning the New Challenge. Goodfill and Flip it Forward, two very socially-engaged projects, will have the chance…


Objects and Designers Roles for Responding to the Human Condition

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Photo by Daisy Chen Doremy Diatta, Transdisciplinary graduate from 2015 explores our relationship to objects with various lenses. Within Doremy’s thesis project photographed above, several child-focused…

Do you like my lover shoes “The Overlord and His Beloved”?

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  I believe the best way to learn about the customs of a place is neither searching in the Internet nor joining a group tour…

Prototyping time

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There is a level of understanding that only seems to fall into place by making and experiencing. In Tim Brown’s ”Design for change” the importance…

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Have you heard that musicians in Central Park are now prohibited from playing in EIGHT of the park’s most densely populated areas? Bethesda Terrace Conservatory…

What’s First?

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Note: No animals were harmed during this reflection process. I recently finished the first phase of research for designing a collaborative system that allows participants…

When two approaches are better than one

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I teamed up with Minuette Le for round two of exploring the visual audit for our design-led research class. This was our second and final…

Wish you were here… Greetings of the past for the future

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How can we use memory to construct a shared future view, leading to action? The next question is – whose memories do we hope to…

Sensing the City

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A visual audit can be performed across a specific ideology, environmental signifier, organizational culture, or even a specific human behavior. Designers often use visual research…