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Verge – a few spots opened up for our Morning Talks

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For those of you who don’t know, SDS and the Transdisciplinary Design MFA program are hosting the VergeNYC conference from Feb 24–26, 2016. The event is officially SOLD…

The Rise of Furnishing Public Wealth

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“Why would any person choose to contribute – voluntarily – to a public good that she can partake of, unchecked, as a free rider on…

Responsibility // Designers and Clients of a System

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  Although some young adults practice responsible financial decisions, there is a growing young community lacking the financial literacy to take on new, intensive, and…

Research Insights

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As modern technology and life spin faster and faster, at breakneck speed, all the while demanding that we keep up, new problems surface— creating a…

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What is this buzzword, Collaboration? There are so many different ways in which we can define, describe, strategize, theorize, and analyze it. Natalie Jeremijenko once…