Transdisciplinary Design



Dunne&Raby, The Many Worlds Working Group (MWWG), 2017. Beauty of Disaster The Anthropocene is currently challenging our deeply held beliefs. What is the future of…

Cracking Open the Implications Behind Behavioral Design

My first encounter with the topic of behavioral design occurred when I picked up Richard Thaler’s and Cass Sunstein’s seminal book, Nudge, back in 2011….

Molecular We

1  3 days ago, a girl asked me about my studies at Pratt Institute. I knew this girl when I was in college. She was…

Re-imagining transportation

Imagine a world where we no longer own cars, but instead pay for a transportation subscription, which runs a fleet of modular self-driving cars, with an algorithm constantly clustering individual travel requests and joining/separating modular transport pods to achieve the most efficient street movement possible.

Reflection On Objectiveness and Human Values of Technology

What is technology? Is technology potentially freeing us, or repressing us? Our recent discussions around technology, particularly algorithmic models and artificial intelligence, has raised a…

Reflecting on Speculation

Photo by sophia valkova on Unsplash As Dunne & Raby mention in their book “Speculative Everything”, speculative design is not an attempt in predicting the future…

Blockchain for Humanitarian Causes

It seems as if lately I can’t stop thinking about Blockchain. I believe that the power and benefits of using this technology comes in various forms. As a young designer and entrepreneur, I have been questioning some ideas to leverage this technology for a greater good.

Crafting language to create change

In “The White Savior Industrial Complex,” Teju Cole surfaces an unspoken challenge in voicing struggles surrounding oppression, discrimination, and racism: “there is an expectation that…