Transdisciplinary Design


Welcome to The Good, Transdisciplinary, Place

Is there a way to be “good” as a designer? Is everything that we design doomed to harm the world? Or there could be a way for us to make some good through design? What does it mean to be good, anyway? Welcome to the Transdisciplinary Place

Making Knowing

What are things we do not recognize or unconsciously undervalue in our lives? What are things that we put in the center? What do we…

Getting Good at Being a God

A while ago I learned how to listen to trees.

To the beautiful path

In 1940, Charlie Chaplin delivered a five-minute speech in his film The Great Dictator. One paragraph from the speech reads: “Greed has poisoned men’s souls,…

Is there Room for Creativity in Participatory Design?

Four months at Parsons and I’m drinking the kool-aid. The punch is sweet but there’s a hint of sour, and I don’t know if this…

Thinking Rebellious In Modern Society

Why does PUA often occur in people with higher education?

I Ought to Be Thy Adam

I’ve thought about Eve quite a lot for a person with no real connection to that faith. And you know, I’m not really interested in…

This One, Good Green Being

Eyal Weizman says buildings are media “because they are both storage and inscription devices that perform variations on the three basic operations that define media:…