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Internet revolution

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The goal is to have no stops, no delays, no backflows, no inventories, no expediting, no bottlenecks, no buffer stocks, and no waste in small…

The Right to Spontaneity

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I want to talk about accessibility. But I’m having trouble starting. The topic is fraught with frustration and not an insignificant amount of shame. I…

globalization vs. localization

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These days I am very confused, many thoughts are flying through my head. I thought I knew what I needed to do as a designer…

shift of perception about design

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  John Thackara raises question in his book, In the bubble, “Should we continue to design only to make things faster?” It seems to me that design and…


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Now, I know what you are thinking and it is likely you are rolling your eyes at this crazy fanatic Sabbath observer as you read…

The Rise of Furnishing Public Wealth

| External Partnerships

“Why would any person choose to contribute – voluntarily – to a public good that she can partake of, unchecked, as a free rider on…

From Made in China to Created in China

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  How to combine the essence in China’s traditional culture and modern design so as to realize the strategic conversion of sustainable development? China at…

Communication Towers

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Cooperation and collaboration has been a major force behind the advancement of man. From hunter-gatherer relationships to the division of labor, these splits have become…

A TransDesign Holiday Recipe

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“Man at the crossroads looking with uncertainty but with hope and high vision to the choosing of a course leading to a new and better…