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ELab calls for the 12 Month Fellowship Incubator Program 2016-2017

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Do you live, eat, and breathe your vision? Have a great idea for a business, but you’re not sure how to get your startup off the…


Ready for Take-off: DEMO DAY Coming up!

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  Join us and find out about the start-ups journey, turning their ideas into thriving ventures. Mark your calendars for our 2016 Cohort’s final presentations…

How to Deal with Old Electronic Products?

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I’m an electronic products fan. I immerse in pursuing the various electronic products, which provide me with a high quality, and come to pervade every…

A Mad Tea (D) Party

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“Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?” I bet you don’t.  The Mad Hatter poses this illustrious riddle in the…

Don’t Panic!

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Human beings are emotional creatures, often driven by impulse and instinct rather than reason. We tend to feel unsafe and uneasy in new situations and…

Gathering Qualitative Data through the Unexpected

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Intro: The Transdisciplinary Studio has been informed that there might be a strong possibility that next year our studio space might be moving…and it would…


t r a n s – b a l a n c e

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Our Design-led Research class has recently been focusing on different design methodologies, and how they can usefully be incorporated into design research – particularly to…

photo credit: Minuette Le

Manufactured Marrakech

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by Jacqueline Cooksey & Minuette Le Over our recent Spring Break, we took the opportunity to turn a trip to Marrakech into a design research…

Interacting with Tangible Earth at the Cooper Hewitt Museum

Spaceship Earth Revisited

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Prologue: Did you ever play with a world globe when you were young? Imagine having one that digitally interacts with you and indicates what the…