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Objects and Designers Roles for Responding to the Human Condition

| Alumni News

Photo by Daisy Chen Doremy Diatta, Transdisciplinary graduate from 2015 explores our relationship to objects with various lenses. Within Doremy’s thesis project photographed above, several child-focused…


Alumni Sean Baker Featured in Metropolis Magazine

| Featured

Images courtesy of Sean Baker Sean Baker, a Transdisciplinary graduate from the class of ’14, has been featured within the October issue of Metropolis Magazine with…


Knight Foundation supports first Urban Prototyping Lab

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Can design be a catalyst for community-driven change in cities? We think it can, and with the support of a Knight Foundation grant, 8 of…

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TransD Alum Francis Carter (’12) wins Sylvia Harris Citizen Design Award

| Alumni News

We are very proud to announce that Design Ignites Change and AIGA have awarded The Sylvia Harris Citizen Design Award, to Francis Carter and his…


Making work fashionable: a story of design social intervention in Argentina

| Parsons

Martín Churba, an Argentine couture designer that has been called “fashion’s spoiled child” for his creative and innovative designs, was acclaimed once again in Buenos…

A cup of chai’s meaning: from Mumbai to New York

| Parsons

By Ricardo Dutra Goncalves Once I had a great friend and personal mentor coming over for breakfast, when we were also supposed to discuss about…

Systemic change through ritual

| Parsons

by Alix Gerber A friend and I have been having this debate for at least a year: he argues that some people are inherently “bad”, committing acts that…

All Design is Education of a Sort

| Student News

“All men are designers. All that we do, almost all the time, is design, for design is basic to all human activity.” Victor Papanek argued….

Sex, Apps, and Gamification

| Student News

As a gay man living in New York City, I’ve struggled with online dating, especially hook-up apps and websites. I’m not alone in this. I’ve…


It’s Not Easy Buying Green

| Featured

  Exactly one year ago (no kidding, to this exact day), I backed a Kickstarter campaign. It was my first time participating in a crowdfunding…