Transdisciplinary Design


Sensing the City

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A visual audit can be performed across a specific ideology, environmental signifier, organizational culture, or even a specific human behavior. Designers often use visual research…

Gathering Qualitative Data through the Unexpected

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Intro: The Transdisciplinary Studio has been informed that there might be a strong possibility that next year our studio space might be moving…and it would…

Narratives of Complexity

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Our design led research project has given us the opportunity to reflect on transdisciplinary design both as a mode of thinking and as a collaborative…

Two Wrongs Make It Right

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After the previous phase of my research on transdisciplinary collaboration (see my earlier post, “Questionable Methods”), I thought I’d failed in my attempt to employ…

Make The Strange Familiar, And The Familiar Strange

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After the first phase of my research, in which I performed a visual audit of artists who visually represent complexity, I inverted my focus towards…

Process Similarities Between Graphic Design, Video Editing and Improvisation

From looking at the similarities between a graphic designer and video editor’s process I hypothesized  that similar process elements are transmutable across all creative fields….

Design Judo: A Redirective Method

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Francis Carter, Eulany Labay and Kelly Tierney Our design led research project focused on the unique potential of a transdisciplinary approach to research and design…

Hunches and Wanderings

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The neighborhood of Hunts Point in the South Bronx serves as our subject of external observation and dialectical practice. It becomes a laboratory for a…

Interview Drawing

Food Fights: Infrastructures of Power

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Our group was formed with the intention of exploring the roles of various institutional structures in their relationship to food production, distribution, and consumption.  Our…

Me and the Mc’s

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I was asked to be reflective about my own process and because I grew up in a large family, that meant comparing myself to others….