Transdisciplinary Design

Chengcheng Teng

Caring for the well-being of mankind is the core purpose of design, as well as the cornerstone of the human mind. I pay attention to psychology and values with empathy. I design with sincerity and concern for humanity and sustainability. 

From my interior architecture experience during undergraduate, I pursue design space to be mobile and inspirational which can invite audiences into conversations, and enlightens the viewers both physically and mentally. As I believe the nuance of a work carries its nature, I compile the quality and ideology of my works into details, to impress my audiences at a subconscious level.

Based on the projects and internships and travel, I realized the aim of design is a synthesis of human needs and sustainable social developments, we should always keep up with a series of people, things, events, words, actions and meanings along the timeline to reach the initial matters contributing to our civilization. So I mastered as  transdisciplinary design, I learnt to touch the whole system from a large scale and care for the flow of every elements, I give design strategy and joint connections. I have the ability to integrate multiple disciplines, I don’t say as designer I can solve certain problems, but I want to explore more potentials and nudge things on process.

As a designer, instead of meeting needs, I chase what’s real meaningful for people; As a critical thinker, I break boundaries and build new, and desire to present my passion and value for this amazing world more soundly.


  • Live With Less, Share With More
  • Prejudice, Democracy and Design
  • It Is Humanity, That Matters