Transdisciplinary Design

Katherine Fisher

Katherine Fisher is a multi-disciplinary designer with a drive for social innovation. She believes that the interaction that occurs all around us is something that has great power when harnessed, and design thinking can be the spark to initiate change. She is interested in the intersection between our built ecologies and and how we can better solve for the underlying needs of those who make up these communities.

Katherine moved to New York to expand a digital practice, currently working within under the name Studio Basis. She has 5 years of experience in creating thoughtful interactions, strategies, and designs for innovative products and services. Client list includes Rotary International, World Vision, Storefront, Dolby, Oscar de la Renta, The Feast, Kimberly Clark, Kohler, Breville, Scientific American, Engadget as well as various schools, nonprofits, and artist studios.


  • Inside, Outside, Above and Below
  • Informality and Open Source, Informality as a Source
  • Lessons from Michelangelo