Transdisciplinary Design

Mashal Khan

Mashal Khan is a designer stretching herself out to a plethora of problems whether it is sustainability, healthcare or animal cruelty. She sees herself as an interventional civil servant with pen and notebook in hand, ever ready to tackle any issue and bring about positive change. 

Mashal has four years of diverse working experience. Starting from her Internship at Leo Burnett in Dubai to her subsequent freelance experience working for companies in Washington DC and Tennessee such as Insomniac Design, Discovery Creative (Discovery Channel), Bussolati, Graphic-FX and many more. After one year of freelancing Mashal returned to Dubai and worked for Paris Tokyo Design, a French Graphic Design Agency for three years. Now as Transdisciplinary Design Student, she aspires to become part of the machinery working for a better – and more sustainable – tomorrow.


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