Transdisciplinary Design

Stephanie Lukito

Stephanie grew up between Jakarta, Indonesia, and Columbus, Ohio, before moving to New York to attend the The Cooper Union for fine arts and design. Since 2012, she has worked at The Public Society, focusing on projects surrounding the environment, activism and social good. Stephanie has led a variety of projects including branding, strategy development for a Greenpeace 8-bit video game campaign, and social interaction for a SxSW sharing economy event. Since her time at Parsons, Stephanie has been focusing on using speculative thinking to reframe conversations. She believes in the designer as an “expert generalist”, who is able to navigate complex systems along side of a wide array of expertise. Currently she is pursuing a thesis on altering implicit biases in the prison system and looking at mobility through the lens of time. She is also a director for a conference that will be exploring the idea of elastic cities in February. Outside of these interests, she is an avid hiker, cyclist, camper, and cook. Someday, Stephanie wants to live in the mountains, sans internet.