Transdisciplinary Design

Guilherme Curi (Gui Curi)

Guilherme Curi is an Innovation Strategist who works with organizations to innovate and achieve their strategic goals while also taking a more prominent role in society. With a marketing background, his career has led him across different sectors and marketing styles, from NGOs to multinational companies such as Nike and Red Bull, in a journey that not only broadened his own way of thinking, but also strengthened his desire to serve a higher purpose that offered more to individuals. Transitioning to Design & Innovation naturally put him in sync with his innate inclination to seek more meaningful solutions and crafted his ambition to shift careers and contribute on impactful projects that can turn organizations into game-changers in their environments.



  • Good Design x Bad Design: What is The Role of a Designer in the 21st Century?
  • Eros and Thanatos
  • The Emergence of Living Organizations How to repurpose a species that has altered humanity’s destiny