Transdisciplinary Design

Sarah Abiya

Sarah Abiya creates, experiments, wonders and thrives at the intersection of movement, mapping, placemaking, landscape and the health and wisdom of the human body. A cultural geographer by training, she’s been delighted to work as a spatial analyst, cartographer, planner, urban agriculture consultant, writer and designer of everything from trans-continental conservation areas to self-help underwear. As an MFA candidate in Transdisciplanary Design she is exploring topophelia and the urban-rural divide through projects in the US, China and Brazil.

She holds a BA in Geography & Urban Studies from Macalester College, and earned certificates in Earthen Architecture, Drylands Permaculture & Urban Permaculture, and is mere months from completing her Master Gardener and Master Beekeeper certifications. In her free time Sarah dances as much as possible, volunteers with the brilliant citizen scientists at Public Lab and teaches yoga to preschoolers and trauma survivors of all ages. She misses the lakes and rivers of Minnesota and loves the people of New York.