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Thinking Rebellious In Modern Society

Posted on December 14, 2021

Why does PUA often occur in people with higher education?

PUA’s full name is “Pick-up Artist.” It originally refers to the behavior of men who have received systematic learning, practice, and continuous updating and improvement, and self-improvement of their emotional intelligence. With the rapid commercialization of PUA in China at the beginning of the 21st century, it gradually deviated from the original idea. People start using belittling and suppressing language, letting their partners feel collapse to control them.

We are always taught to be humble with criticism. If you show anger, it will only make people feel you have no tolerance or self-confidence. However, feeling angry or humiliated by criticism is a natural response of human beings and a self-protection mechanism. “Humility” is a restriction of modern civilized society on human emotions. It may be good for social progress, but it is anti-human. Among the many people injured by PUA have a high degree of education. People outside the incident wonder why these people would lose themselves by this clumsy technique. This is because they will restrict themselves more strictly. It may be to match the role setting of social status, or it may be due to other reasons. So when they are questioned, the first thing they think of is not to get angry or refute the other party but to reflect first. Under normal circumstances, people’s criticisms are relatively euphemistic, so the resulting self-reflection is also under the average scale. However, once this criticism is intentional and very strong, they will fall into deep self-doubt.

The oppression that modernity brings to human nature

Modern society teaches people to live more with their brains than their hearts. This is very similar to the relationship between science and indigenous knowledge. Both scientific and social rules are the rules that have reached a consensus. Following the right and the “oughts” ultimately will make human beings lose their nature and thus lose themselves. In the past hundreds of millions of years, more and more social rules have been established to ensure the interests of others. Some rules are inscribed on paper, and some are unspoken rules. If you follow more rules, the more “civilized” you are. This is the moral training that people receive in social development.

According to my experience, as I grew older, my friends, including myself, had become more humble and calmer than they were when they were young. Because we are gradually adapting and compromising social rules. A modest group will indeed bring people a good experience. Still, every time a person who does not conform to the rules appears in such a group, I will feel his “vibrancy” very strongly. I think this is the power of heart thinking.

Ideological diversity

I do not advocate that the soul control human beings. I want to remind us not to forget it. If we don’t remember it deliberately, we may be completely led by rules. Similarly, taking the analogy of science and non-science, Yin Ye, CEO of Beijing Genomics Institute, proposed a phenomenon called “atheism to create gods”. Those people believe that science or a certain kind of science can explain all the problems in the world. One of the “gods” is called “gene omnipotence theory.” Supporters believe that every moment of happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy, your behavior, all have nothing to do with genes. Regardless of whether this conclusion is correct or not, such an overly complete and single conjecture may lead to extremes. The same is true of social rules. We should not use it as the only explanation for communication and relationship building between people. For example, I can always see various social issues connected with feminism. Some people think that everything in the world is related to gender. If it is related to gender, it must be related to feminism. But is this the case? Even if it is now, will men and women achieve equal rights one day in the future? At that time, we could not use feminism to explain everything in the world because it wouldn’t even exist.

It is currently the consensus of humankind to maintain the diversity of species on the earth. Suppose there are abundant species in the same category. In that case, one of the subspecies may contain genes that can resist this virus. Because once the danger occurs, especially when the virus invades, the too monotonous gene pool will lead to the rapid elimination of this species. The species as a whole can survive proudly. Social rules are the same as scientific laws. We do not know whether it is the only answer. Still, we must always be vigilant and let our thoughts not be entirely controlled by rational rules to avoid a possible thought extinction.