Transdisciplinary Design


Real Love & Artificial Intelligence

“As all design to some extent is future oriented, we are very interested in positioning design speculation in relation to futurology, speculative culture including literature…


On the night of the 17th of October, 2019; A long lasting Lebanese dream hit the streets. It was the start of the revolution.

Missing: Public Space

THE CONCEPT OF PUBLIC SPACE The concept of public space is ambiguous with definitions thereof having changed over time and differing across geography. Still, within…

Speculative (now)Everything presents Patriotic Game of Marriage

Disclaimer: Any similarity to actual husbands is purely coincidental. No real marriage was harmed in the making of this blogpost. 

A Designer’s Dilemma: Power, Privilege, and Pure intentions

I am going to be completely honest: I am facing an existential crisis, a moral dilemma. I’m here. In New York City. In the Transdisciplinary…

Is “The Good Place” speculative design?

A caveat I am extremely new to speculative design and am still learning much about it. This post is a reflection of an initial reflection…

Decolonization thinking triggered by toilet

When my mind went blank for my assignment, I used to wander around in my apartment. But it was a little bizarre this time: I…

Calling For A Census Systems Makeover

Communities are not at fault for census undercounts; the system is.