XperienceLab is looking for a Business Designer

May 11, 2016


Business Designer

It’s part Management Consulting, part Human-Centered Design that enables XperienceLab to understand where businesses are challenged to close the gap between rapidly-changing advancements in the competitive landscape, technology and the interactions they have with consumers, customers, distribution channel partners and employees.
When our clients partner with us, you’ll see that we like to solve complex problems with our clients, not for them. We call it “fishing with” and it’s because we believe in the model of abundance. We work with our clients in a collaborative and structured way to ensure that the knowledge, techniques and IP created live on in their organization within their teams.

At XperienceLab we help our clients design human-centered business capabilities, for their consumers/customers, distribution channel partners and for their employees. This means that a successful Xlab consultant must understand our clients goals, capabilities, market context and help explore insight from current and existing data about the markets and audiences they serve.

Furthermore, its the ability to develop human-centered insight that leads to new capabilities by establishing hypotheses, creating tangible concepts, testing the hypothesis with the stakeholders, subject matter experts and audience(s) of the concept(s) and measuring the value and usefulness of the concept/idea.

Your role within an interdisciplinary team will vary from project to project, but some innovation challenges include:

  • Design and prototype new or overhaul lagging ventures and business capabilities that create new income potential for the business.
  • Design new products, services and audience-focused experiences (for consumers, customers, or distribution channel partners) that evolve a company’s capabilities into new compelling value propositions
  • While designing for the front stage experiences of consumers, customers and distribution channel partners help improve the backstage processes, tools and experiences of the employee/workforce to deliver on the frontstage experience
  • Design new business models that enhance and extend customer/consumer experiences while creating new opportunities for income.
  • Design organizational structures, governance, change and operating models to help the company drive its own innovation and sustain the transformations brought to them.
  • Help clients identify, develop and prototype new growth options with technology solutions and the user experience of the solutions(s).

Full Description

Contact: Monique Visser: mvisser@xperiencelab.com