The MS in Strategic Design & Management challenges students to understand business as an inherently creative human undertaking uniquely suited to confront the massive societal and economic shifts of the 21st century. The MS SDM program is situated at the cutting edge of historic changes in how value is understood and created at large through business management, and aims to continue to set the pace in an uncertain world.

Students learn to utilize Design Thinking (DT) methods within applied and contextual ethnographic/design research projects to develop strategies which can be articulated through business models, organizational innovations, and the redesign of both collective and individual cultures and mindsets.

2021 Elevate Prize

The Elevate Prize, powered by MIT Solve, annually awards $5 million in prize funding and services to a radically diverse group of 10 leaders who are tackling the most urgent issues of our time around the world. Founders, CEOs, Executive Directors, and Executive Team Members of nonprofits and public charities worldwide are welcome to apply…

J.M.K. Innovation Prize

The J.M.K. Innovation Prize seeks to identify, support, and elevate innovators who are spearheading transformative early-stage projects in the fields of social justice, the environment, and heritage conservation. In 2021, we will award up to ten Prizes, each including a cash award of $150,000 over three years, plus $25,000 in technical assistance funds, for a…

2021 Camelback Fellowship

Camelback Ventures supports the growth and empowerment of livable communities; their tool of change is entrepreneurship. The Camelback Fellowship is a six-month program that supports the development of both founder and venture. Since 2015, Camelback has supported 83 entrepreneurs of color and women (many of whom have been recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30, received…

MS Design Sprints | GM

  The MS in Strategic Design & Management’s Corporate Design Sprints are opportunities for students and companies to work together on a short-term basis to solve issues presented by clients. Click the video above to view the kick off session on Monday, March 22 with GM. This Design Sprint was moderated by Part-Time Faculty Ed…

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LAST CALL for submissions to this year's @DELconference. Due Sunday at midnight (PST).

The theme is "Embracing Uncertainty." What a way to describe what educators have experienced this past year!

Double blind peer review, free, and online. #DEL21

I’m looking for experiences of AAPI designers pushing up against systems of oppression in their practice.

For example: a service design project to improve financial counseling in the face of structural wealth inequality. Or making posters/pins to fight systemic racism.

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Congrats to all @MSSDMParsons students who participate in the @gm design sprint! Kick off video now on our blog here: @SDSParsons @parsonsdesign @TheNewSchool #parsonsproud

We’re so proud of world changing capstone projects coming from our 2021 class. “Open fifty” by Kellie Ojeda & Isabella Lins is focused on getting women into industries that shape the world. More signup info here: @SDSParsons @parsonsdesign @TheNewSchool

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