MS SDM Symposium 2021

This page presents student work from the MS SDM graduating class of 2021 featured in our MS SDM End of Year Symposium, which showcased the creative and intellectual achievements of Parsons’ graduating students.  On Tuesday, May 11, invited guest and student panelists discussed 2021 capstone projects organized into distinct themes: Systemic Interventions & Living Systems, Participatory & Pluriversal Design, and Digital Transformation, Human Technology. View the video above to listen to these invigorating discussions.


Below you can learn more about each project featured in the Symposium in detail, and view longer videos describing the projects.

Systemic Interventions & Living Systems


Description:   Intergenerational interactions have been an important way to document and preserve the vast amounts of knowledge that has been acquired over hundreds of years through close interaction with nature. Generational Knowledge has been passed on linearly within families and if one generation misses passing on this knowledge, it is a huge loss to the…


Description:   Sonder is a platform and system that highlights cultural diversity and elevates the conversation around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the organizational setting. When tackling a topic as expansive as this in an arena as complex as the workplace, it may seem intuitive at first to start from the macro-level vantage point, and…


Description:   ARC, A Reconnected Closet, is a multichannel platform that leverages digital identity technology and a digital closet interface to provide opportunities for connection between the maker, the wearer, and their products.   Designer: Olivia Fierro   Professor:  Christian Schneider

Sparks from Ashes

Description:   Sparks from Ashes aims to alleviate some of the pressures that lead to burnout by creating value-centric and purpose-driven interventions in people’s lives that empower them with choices to curate environments in which they can thrive.   Designers: Elizabeth Huebsch Ivet Uribe   Professor:  Christian Schneider

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Participatory & Pluriversal Design

Culture Ex

Description:   Culture Ex is a digital cultural experience that aims to showcase a more beyond-the-surface exploration of New York City neighborhoods, while giving more visibility to local businesses. We were interested in using gameplay to bring alive stories from these communities, where arts and commerce co-exist to reflect the vibrancy of diverse cultures and diasporas.…

Open Fifty

Description:   Open Fifty creates an output-based mentorship program that gets women through doors in male-dominated industries that would otherwise have remained closed.   Designers: Kellie Ojeda Isabela Lins   Professor:  Brett Barndt

Desiderata Design Studio

Description:   Desiderata Design Studio aims to put good design in the hands of those who most need it. Our current efforts are focused on designing civic engagement experiences to surface grassroots insights to inform more effective policy making.   Designers: Jesse Flores Kenny Morifi-Winslow   Professor:  Christian Schneider

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Digital Transformation, Human Technology


Description:   Versari aims to address the changing workplace of the future by ethically leveraging technology, data science, & human-centered design to improve the employee experience & help reshape how we all are redefining the role that “work” plays in our lives.   Designer: Tony Dang   Faculty:  Christian Schneider

Data Design Lab

Description:   Data Design Lab seeks to connect data to what it really stands for–knowledge, behaviors, and people–by exploring how an ontological, design-led approach may help inform perspectives of our interdependent society.   Designer: Tarjni Jotaniya   Faculty:  Christian Schneider


Description:   BE.conomy is a barter exchange platform for small business and freelancers that addresses the lack of economic resilience that many suffer from in a capitalist system. Our platform uses its own currency ratio to facilitate barter-based transactions of skills and services in our online marketplace. This alternative system of value allows both freelancers and…


Description:   Personalia is a new breed of digital sensing catered for individuals, corporates and service providers who seek to control and pivot their data towards exploring, controlling and sharing their digital identities to drive creative decisions, enhance experiences and help businesses thrive in today’s new economy while helping protect privacy and social status. Pesonalia is…

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