Room Z100

  • 2 W 13th Street
  • Mezzanine level (walk up the stairs to the ‘M’ floor)
  • Key card to access the room; TV for projecting; can accommodate ~12 people
  • Check availability on the shared Z100 Calendar
  • If you’d like to book this room for exclusive use, email more than 24 hours before the time you need access


  • 66 5th Avenue
  • Our program’s studio space
  • The room is available for independent and group work when there is no class being held in the room (unfortunately this semester there are classes in the studio from 3:40 – 9:40 Monday – Thursday)
  • 6 large apple computers
  • Small refrigerator + microwave
  • No booking required
  • A cabinet of materials (stickies, white board markers etc.)
  • Cubbies to leave materials/work (but not confidential)


LinkedIn Group

  • For our community of students, faculty and alumni.

General Parsons Resources

  • Need a 3D Printer? Or maybe just a 2D option?

Other Resources

Below is a list of magazines, forums and companies we follow to stay up-to-date with current trends:

Design Forum: Want feedback or critique? Check out the Design Forum offerings

Skill shares! If you have a skill to share or learn, feel free to email

University learning center for workshops including writing, ESL support & handouts

Don’t let stress get you down. The health center offers free workshops and events in mindfulness, acupuncture, or even art therapy (every friday from 3-4:30).

And just because we all love a good deal: check out the discounts we get as a New School student.


Do you know of another resource we should all be taking advantage of? Email and we’ll be sure to add it our resources list on the blog.

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