The Next Brangelina? Sharing Economy Meets the Circular Economy

October 29, 2016


Open Mic Sessions at The Disruptive Innovation Festival

17 Nov | 19:00 – 20:00 GMT

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As incumbents and disruptors continue to experiment with sharing and circular economy models, new opportunities and questions arise. Raz Godelnik and Jen van der Meer, both Professors at Parsons School of Design, will discuss the connections between these two trends and whether they can become the next economic power couple, marrying innovation with resilience, potential paradoxes posed by the rise of these models, and the response from established companies, regulators, and citizens. We will cover questions of ownership, citizen engagement, culture change, consumer power, and resilience that surface when these two models turn from theory into action and challenge the status quo.



Raz Goldenik
Assistant Professor, Parsons School of Design Strategies | Co-founder, Hemper Jeans and Eco-Libris

Jen Van Der Meer
Founder, Reason Street | Professor, Parsons School of Design Strategies

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