The Errander

February 12, 2014

Sustainable Business Models, Dec. 2013

By Megan Cole, Jennifer Allison and Joanie Jochamowitz.


For busy, or impaired people 
who don’t have time, or are unable, to run their daily errands, The Errander is a service 
that will allow users to take advantage of other users locations to complete errands at a low cost. Unlike our competition,
 our service will not focus on hiring ‘runners’, but errand buyers will give back to the community by running errands for a fixed price. Errands such as: picking up groceries, taking clothes to the Dry Cleaners, trips to the pharmacy, delivering library books, etc. They will receive credits which will be used as a partial payment method for the service which will allow these services to be offered at lower price, creating an engagement cycle within the Errander Community.

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