Student Project: How to Start a Business in NY State

September 25, 2015

A message from the creators Romy and Nathalie, two of our own:

Natalie and I are excited to share a project we’ve worked on during our last year of the MS in Strategic Design & Management program.

When we embarked together on our entrepreneurial journey, our main challenge was to learn how to start a business in NYC.  Overwhelmed with all the ethical and legal aspects of setting up and running our company MetaMenu, we decided to build a tool that clarifies the process and incorporates all important sources of information. As a result, we created a web-based, interactive journey map aimed to be shared with anyone facing a similar situation. The map gives an idea on how to get started and encourages early-stage entrepreneurs to stay motivated. It is a step by step infographic, combining comprehensible icons and explanatory texts, simplifying the elaborate legal process of setting up an LLC, and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of an LLC over other types of corporations.

We promised our colleagues and professors to share the map once it is published online, and now that we have it ready, we are very excited to share it with everyone at Parsons!

This is the link:


Romy & Natalie