Student-Owned Creative Agency Exhibits at Social Innovation Week

November 4, 2015

At the beginning of this semester some Parsons students decided to put their combined professional experiences and knowledge from the SD+M program together, to start a creative strategy company called BEE.

One of their first initiatives is partnering with WeTheSocial, an agency that is organizing the New York Social Innovation Week, to create 3 exhibitions.

Social Innovation Week, which is happening between November 7 and November 13, is a series of exhibitions, demonstrations, and lectures introducing new methods and ideas in Energy, Design, Food, Culture, and Environment.


The BEE exhibitions will fall on the following days:

Monday, Nov. 9 – Energy Day
‘Down with the Converter’ – an exhibition showcasing the waste that is created from producing, using and disposing of the convertors we use to power our everyday electronics.
(This exhibition was created in collaboration with Karmel Al Labdi – a fellow SD+M student)

Tuesday, Nov.10 – Design Day
‘Everyday Design Thinkers’ – An exhibition that aims to highlight the true human instincts that we, as people, action in our everyday lives, that makes us all design thinkers.

Thursday, Nov.12 – Culture Day
‘From a Hashtag to a Social Movement’ – Using #LiveLove as a case study, this exhibition will showcase the social impact and behavioral change that can be created through social media.


Click flyer to view full schedule