September Events at the The Design Gym

September 2, 2015


SEPTEMBER 15 @ 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

| $15.00

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Design Thinking Crash Course

This is an incredibly fast-paced introduction to some of the tools and mindsets of design thinking.  In this 2.5 hour session we’ll take an idea you’ve been thinking about and re-examine how it might look out in the world.  Major topics we’ll be talking through in this Crash Course include:

-Needs Vs. Solutions

– Interviewing tactics and best practices

– Sketching and collaborative building

If you’ve never been out to one of our events before this is a great introduction to Design Thinking as well as to our teaching style.  From beginning to end this will be highly interactive and one thing we can promise is that you will meet some really incredible people.


Drinks and light food will be provided.

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SEPTEMBER 17 @ 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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We wanted to offer a fast, easy way for people to get introduced to the tools and techniques of Design Thinking. The Design Thinking process is not a monolithic process that has to be brought in as massive expense, trouble and stress. It’s a toolbox of skills and mindsets that we believe anyone can learn, and start to bring into their jobs in many simple ways.


Design Thinking is a process for solving problems and developing business strategy that puts an increased emphasis on understanding internal and external stakeholders. In this process we emphasize human stories, real world observations, and a deeper level of empathy.

The process we teach is not fundamentally different than any design thinking process you will find anywhere else….we’ve just tried to make it simple to use. We took a look at every other process we saw being taught and consulted with and boiled down to the simplest language possible. We work hard not to overcomplicate the process – it’s a tool to be adapted and molded to an individual’s situation. Design Thinking serves as a valuable common language that diverse teams and groups of people can use to effectively collaborate on challenges and projects.


We’ll cover the five phases of design thinking, giving you a background into the theory and practice of each. We’ll move through each phase quickly and fuidly, stopping after each phase to reflect and take a breather. It’s a long, hard and fun day…we’ll push you to absorb a lot of material, but you’ll leave with a solid toolset and a great start on your journey through design thinking.

You’ll also leave with a 50 page workbook with all the slides, tools and worksheets you’ll use during the day!

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 SEPTEMBER 18 @ 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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The Overview 

Over one intense day we’ll cover the most essential topics of workshop and meeting Facilitation.  You’ll work in small groups to learn new skills on group facilitation, planning and management, as well as gaining deeper experience with each. This class isn’t a day of us talking at you, it’s a day of practical exercises and discussions to prepare you for better meeting management. After this workshop and if you’ve already taken our Design Thinking bootcamp, you’ll be ready to apply your facilitation skills to lead teams during The Studio Project.  We find the best way to learn is by actually doing the work!


  • Understanding your facilitation style
  • Icebreakers and energy in the room
  • Measuring group dynamics on the fly
  • Visual facilitation
  • Maintaining energy (especially during ideation and brainstorming sessions)
  • Balancing solo time and group thinking
  • Open, Explore and Close: Creating Experience Arcs

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SEPTEMBER 22 @ 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

| Free


Every month we gather our favorite people at one of our favorite bars!  This month we’ll be at Randolph Beer, an old happy hour favorite! Come to see your friends, ask for advice or feedback on anything and everything, learn what the Design Gym is all about, or just share a drink with us!

We’re going to be drawing up a storm using The Design Gym Visual Thinking Workpack…bring your favorite pen and we’ll bring the paper!

We’ll be there from 7PM to last designer standing…See you there!

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