Pfizer 2020

December 7, 2020

Solution Summary:

The student team worked with Pfizer’s Vice President, Head of Reputation Policy and Research and Development Communication, to design ways to better communicate Pfizer’s scientific leadership. Key insights were the need to humanize Pfizer and to help the company better understand consumers and audiences through human-centered design informed by behavioral factors. Teams produced seven distinct solutions at different levels, ranging from those directed toward the organization, toward employees, and in support of patients and consumers.




Nikita Chaudhari
Elizabeth Huebsch
Shivani Kaka
Sweta Moore
Aanoshika Choksi
Rashi Jadhav
Isabela Lins
Nada Salem
Heta Shah
Brendan Raftery
Isabel Sanoja
Shaili Shah


Aaron Fry
Brett Barndt