Paid Freelance Opportunities

December 2, 2015

We’ve been connected to the owner of Roche Studios, who is looking to hire Parsons students into three paid freelance opportunities:

Opportunity 1 : Looking for an individual with refined skills as an architectural renderer. Roche Studios has developed detailed plans for a project for the Jewish Ghetto in Italy and needs a person to render this project in a very subtle way. This may include fundraising duties.

Opportunity 2 : Development of a website. Ideally, Roche Studios would like to work with a person who can incorporate the many facets of her professional work in an original way. Someone with imagination to juxtapose images of different projects – even ones in different mediums.

Opportunity 3 : An experienced graphic designer to design marketing materials.

The Roche Studios office is located on West 67th St here in Manhattan and willing to pay current professional rates.

If interested and qualified please send your cover letter, resume and a link to your portfolio to Michael Witt at the Career Services office.