December 7, 2021


During life’s critical healthcare transition points, what kind of digital and human interventions can empower patients and caregivers (either a head of household, or non-family caregiver)?


Notable student work included extensive user research to better understand the people responsible for the care of other individuals at various life stages, uncovering the pain points of caregivers (usually a heads of household) throughout their family’s healthcare journeys.


  • Digital Patient Experience: An app that provides a humanized, user-centered digital experience that addresses common pain points of caregivers on-demand from easy access to medical history to supportive online communities.
  • The Caregiver Experience: A new system of support services that provides information, coaching and resources to help caregivers navigate complex health transitions over the long term.



Andrew Lebowitz
Marisha Thakker
Juliette Wang
Ayush Biyani
Khulood Al-Atiyat
Layan Althani
Stephen Johnson
Erika Vazquez
Esmeralda Torre
Yeo-Kyeong Chung
Gaofenngwe Kabubi
Dansha Cai


Michele Kahane & Karen Jackson