Mobley 2020

December 7, 2021

Solution Summary:

The student team researched business, consumer experience, product insights, as well as insights from first-hand research performed with customers to deliver a new approach that could bring NYC start-up Mobley to the next level. The team delivered strategic critique, recommendations, and a roadmap for Mobley to become a thought leader in the rental furniture space by building sustainability as a core value into their business model, their company and their brand. The high-fidelity product prototypes included both web and mobile designs: UX flows, visual design assets, and wireframes. Sustainability prototypes included a proprietary sustainability scale and the brand/customer experience strategy.




Olivia Fierro
Samaya Burde
Shivani Mehta
Vasutra Kalra
Minerva Izaguirre
Tarjni Jotaniya
Tony Dang
Nam Phuong Tui Doan
Chelsea Cook
Chris D’Andrea
Diana Cordova


Karen Jackson
Cameron Sinclair