Hannaford 2021

January 7, 2022


How can we rethink the grocery experience – from growing produce to food consumption – to reinforce ecological and social sustainability, locally-grown goods, social equity, and secure supply chains?


Student teams investigated many areas of interest including: behavioral economics, the future of food experiences, the history of food, culture, & markets, new technologies, trends, right-sized retail environments, community, and concierge services.


  • The “Retail-tainment” team developed in-store solutions to create memorable experiences.
  • The “Ski In & Ski Out” team developed new fast & fresh service opportunities at recreational ski resorts.
  • The “Mt.Katahdin” team developed specific retail opportunities for customers visiting outdoor recreation destinations.
  • The “Millinocket” team developed strategies to support local communities.


Designers, Project 1:

America Giron
Claudia Lewis
Carmen Valdés
Clare Madden
Cindy Peña
Shelby Packer
Divya Harpalani
Matina Moreira
Vybhav Kaushik
Rania Said Abdalla
Lauren Stobierski
Paul Benson
Shza Alashi
Sila Eser
Sowmya Chakravarthula
Michelle Schuppisser
Sukalp Bhatija

Designers, Project 2:

Shelby Packer
Rania Said Abdalla
Michelle Schupisser
Claudia Lewis


Marisa Jahn