Gourmet Garden 2021

December 7, 2021


This project aimed to create a communications strategy for Gourmet Garden that explores the optimal times, distribution channels, physical spaces, and influences that to reach a specific target audience. This target audience focuses on educated, well-travelled, and higher income Indian women cooking for their families. These women have active healthy lifestyles, actively inform themselves about gourmet cooking through online blogs or food-related shows, and privilege fresh produce for their families as both essential forms of nutrients and perhaps as well, as status signifiers. A pain point for these women that this project sought to address was that they feel socially undervalued and seek affirmation and/or recognition through consumer choices.


Sowmya Chakravarthula
Divya Harpalani
Sukalp Bhatija
Clare Madden
Matina Moreira
Vybhav Kaushik
Sila Eser


Marisa Jahn