EVENT: Buy nothing new, share everything

November 2, 2015

I’d like to invite all of you to the final event of the ‘buy nothing new, share everything month’ student project that will take place on Tuesday, November 10, 6:30-9:00 pm at the University Center. Students will take part in this exciting event, presenting their experiences, findings, and insights and participating in a panel discussion on the project.

Please RSVP  – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/buy-nothing-new-share-everything-final-event-tickets-19322163110


Here are the details:

This October, 32 MS-SDM & BBA students had one goal in mind: Not to buy anything new and look for sharing economy alternatives to meet their needs. Did they make it? What did they learn from this experience? Are Millennials ready to embrace the sharing economy? Come to the project’s final event to find out!

Inspired by the “Buy Nothing New Month” movement this project explored the behaviors and values of Millennials in the context of consumerism and the sharing economy. The students (both undergraduate and graduate) were asked to buy nothing new, other than food and absolute necessities for one month and to look at the sharing economy for solutions and inspiration to meet their needs.

The project’s final event will take place on November 10, 2015 at the University Center, 63 Fifth Avenue, room L104.

6:30-7:00: reception with pizza!
7:00-8:00: student presentations
8:00-9:00: panel discussion with students, Mitch Baranowski (BBMG) & Freya Williams (Futerra)