Design Consultant Intern at Doblin

January 7, 2016

Job description

Doblin is looking for great designers who want to build the businesses, services and customer experiences of the future. Design strategists at Doblin bring their curiosity, empathy and interpretive skills to bear on all aspects of our work—from framing an innovation challenge, creating compelling narratives to communicate discoveries, shaping experiences that engage client organizations, designing new propositions that delight people and developing prototypes to test them with potential users.

We are especially interested in hearing from people who are skilled in one or more design discipline (communication, product, service, interaction and brand) but want to influence more strategic conversations and inspire a dialogue about advancing the discipline of design within Doblin.
Specific responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with teams of business designers and design researchers to identify innovation opportunities and develop propositions that create value for people and client organizations
  • Defining and developing prototypes of new offerings and experiences to test and refine concepts in-market
  • Collaborating with other designers to create and deliver immersive working sessions that engage and empower leaders to act
  • Communicating research discoveries through compelling narratives
    and visualisations
  • Driving an internal dialogue to advance the discipline of design within Doblin
  • Providing feedback, support and mentorship to more junior design team members
  • Representing the design discipline and its value to non-designers internally and at client organizations


Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate these characteristics:

  • A passion for learning about the world, human behavior, and the motivations that lie beneath the surface to create solutions that fit into people’s lives
  • The ability to synthesise research into concrete recommendations and communicate them to business audiences



  • Technical proficiency with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc.
  • Graduate degree in design or equivalent
  • Work experience in a relevant field, including consulting or entrepreneurial environments in which new concepts, products or businesses were explored
  • A passion for and expertise in the innovation process and the role that both strategic and formal design play in the process

Send resume and cover letter to Mara Stewart