Apply for Golin’s Unternship

January 15, 2016

We are entering the final weeks that students can submit their applications to be the next Untern, and we want to make sure the brightest and most unconventional are applying. We are encouraging everyone to reach out to your favorite university professors and folks in the industry to get the word out to students about this this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here is what you need to know:

  • Who can apply: U.S. based students who have recently graduated or are graduating in May
  • Where can they apply:
  • What is the deadline: Friday, January 29

Golin Untern

We’re going fishing.

Fishing for talent of the most creative order, that is. Last year, we launched The Unternship (Twitter: @golinuntern), a high-stakes internship concept that throws out the rulebook and opts for a path much less traveled—an idea inspired by our own CEO, Fred Cook. We were curious to see if one lucky candidate could develop a completely customized curriculum, crossing cultures and borders for a truly one-of-a-kind outlook that would pay off in an agency setting. Could such an unconventional take on real-world experience actually work to our advantage?

We were absolutely thrilled by the result. First-ever Untern Akinbola Richardson took our challenge and ran with it, and his experience has made him an invaluable asset to our company. You can learn more about his journey here.

Now, we’re fishing for the next Untern. But this time, we’re casting a much wider net. We believe the next Untern could be anywhere, from art school to business school, so we’re doing our best to reach as far as we can. That’s where you come in.

Applications for the second-annual Unternship are now open. The deadline for application is January 29. We’ll select 15 finalists by February 2016. Our top three finalists will be announced by the end of February, and our Untern will be announced in March. Think you have a student or two who could revolutionize the program? Prove it.