Ride Coop Federation 2022

May 23, 2022

What is Ride Co-Op FEDERATION (RCF) ?

A new global network that brings driver owned platforms together to streghten their movement and disriupt corporate monopolies.

Why RCF?

The emerging driver-owned industry is small but has a vast potential to compete with corporate monopolies such as Uber,Lyft. One key factor that keeps it from growing is how desegregated they are in terms of operations and that gives RCF an opportunity to bring each organization together in a new global network to better support drivers worldwide and build a movement in the process.

How RCF works ?

RCF shall take place through a global summit that will outreach each driver owned organization and bring its members at one place in a closed ecosystem.Members are invited to codesign RCF (our global network proposal) through this global summit. Organizations here get the opportunity to discuss the structural model for RCF and its ways of operation. After all, it’s a cooperative that is to be designed by its member organizations for their benefit .We as outsiders cannot propose anything from the beginning but can volunteer as strategic designers to codesign RCF and move along the path with them as a support system.


Studio Instructor
Koray Caliskan
Christian Madsbjerg

Divya Harpalani
Molly Ragan