Northwell 2022

May 20, 2022

Northwell Health is a nonprofit integrated healthcare network and New York State’s most comprehensive integrated health system and its largest employer. Northwell seeks to leverage digital tools and personalization to guide patients through their healthcare journeys. Journeys can range in complexity from simple appointment preparation to multi-faceted care coordination for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

Northwell’s goal is to understand how and when digital tools can add value to a patient’s individualized care journey based on their own unique needs and profile. Special attention will be given to social determinants of health to drive toward better clinical outcomes.

How might we create a more holistic, accessible, and inclusive patient experience with a focus on family and caregiving units through the use of digital tools? Over 15 weeks, the teams cracked down on making Northwell greater than it already is.


Studio Instructor

Leah Cabrera Fischer
Ankita Roy


Claire Yuan Zhuang
Charlotte Yu
Tako Sulakvelidze
Soumil Panwar
Valentina Palacios
Mikaela Li
MJ Kwon
Meshwa Kshatriya
Chrissie Kayode
Radhika Kale
Dana Duarte
José Pablo Domínguez
Maria Alejandra Altet
Shivani Bhansali
Lucia Chen
Ramey Chen

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