Johnson & Johnson 2022

May 23, 2022

As recently as this year, the CDC has confirmed that African American women in the U.S. are TWO TIMES more likely to have a preterm birth than a white woman. Our research uncovered that this comes from structural issues that have historically infiltrated the US healthcare system, that directly affect doctors and other providers, leading to patients feeling like they’re not being heard. Our key insight is that having support during your pregnancy can help mitigate bias, therefore will allow you to feel heard as a patient. Health in Her Hue is a digital platform that connects patients to culturally sensitive healthcare providers, creates thought-leadership content, and is an educational resource for African American expecting mothers. We are proposing that Johnson & Johnson acquires Health in Her Hue and in doing so will lead the field in creating the first modern end-to-end platform for African American women going through the pregnancy experience.


Studio Instructor

Brendan Raftery


Alex Graham
Anushka Ansal
Barbara Castro
Neeraja Shidore
Sharvari Sovani