NASA 2021

January 7, 2022


What might be novel and imaginative ways to measure the immeasurable (a theme associated with exploring the vastness and opportunity of space)?


Students conducted a comprehensive analysis of the overall aerospace industry, messaging and positioning, and branding to hone an initial set of insights and recommendations for the International Space Station.
Based on research findings, the student team expanded the initial goals to pinpoint new areas of opportunity for the Space Station: help bring a renewed focus, timeliness, and relevancy to low Earth orbit by increasing awareness of the Space Station among the general public. The student team brainstormed ideas, developed prototypes, and tested concepts.


  • A comprehensive brand guideline & storytelling toolkit
  • A multitude of interactive online experiences
  • Brand partnership strategies
  • Innovative social media strategies


Briana Bachew
Alexandra Davis
Annyelica Diaz
Hai Nguyen
Hyemin Kim
Jared Sokolowski
Jenn Noinaj
John Jaimes
Kelly Ernst
Kelly Lukes
Kenny Wu
Lina Alvarez
Mingshan Mai
Nishant Wazir
Rachel Rodden
Richard L. Tso
Roseline Pandian
Sam Press
Theresa Utanto
Younjin Lee
Zeeba Anvary


Mark Kroeckel

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