Hannaford 2022

May 23, 2022

Team 1 – Hannaford DEI Strategies & Proposals

The design challenge for the client, Hannaford, was “How might we define the value of DEI, illuminate opportunities, and explore solutions toward the advancement of Hannaford’s efforts in diversity equity and inclusion?” We anchored and informed design proposals through three primary research processes:

  1. the State of Hannaford
  2. Real-world case studies
  3. Employee interviews.

Our approach and proposals articulate design strategies and solutions based on DEI Pillars, including Connect, Co-Create, and Celebrate. In our proposals, we came up with unique ideas, such as an Ice-breakers game, staff picks product recommendations, badges, a celebration calendar, a cooking class, and more. In final conclusion, DEI can be uncomfortable but finding comfort in discomfort — and building resiliency — unifies us through our differences. We suggested DEI as an active & ongoing dialogue that will be dynamic as Hannaford continues to evolve.

Studio Instructor

Marisa Jahn

Team 1 Designers

Aleksey Khvan
Connie Zou
Dildora Atakhodjaeva
Fang Nan
Heather Yuan
Matthew Robinson
Micah Smith
Nina Vujasinovic
Nora Pekker
Ririko Tatsumi