Atokli Tierra 2022

May 19, 2022

Mexico has some of the freest trade agreements in the world. (13 agreements with 50 countries). Her warmer climate means she can grow certain produce year-round when other countries cannot, and in bigger quantities. However, extreme use of fertilizer has degraded the land, and reduced crop production greatly.

The United Nations Food Summit called for a reinvention of food systems in order to promote climate resiliency. Considering that Mexico only has 25 direct farmer-to-consumer channels available to their population of 126 million, we saw an opportunity.

Our team wondered: How might we lean in and facilitate growth in Mexican Regenerative Farming practices in order to provide our stakeholders with connection and stability.


We deep-dived into research, before spending weeks speaking with farmers, restaurant owners, educators, soil experts, and regenerative agriculture experts gleaning all that we could; mapping what we found, and later testing our prototype with them.


Atoklti Tierra is a service platform we designed to connect Mexico City to local farmers practicing regenerative agriculture techniques. We ensure quality products from sustainable practices and cover the logistics of transportation. We promise the best price for both the customer and the farmer.


Studio Instructor

Brett Barndt


America Giron
Niamh Peren
Carmen Valdes
Erika Vazquez