February 21, 2022

How long is the Integrative Studio 1 engagement?

Engagements are based on the classroom scenario and average one fifteen-week semester every Spring, from late January through mid May. The timeframe for customized engagements will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


How many times do we have to meet with students?

At a minimum, we require that you meet at the beginning of the semester to introduce the challenge (that you have pre-determined with our faculty), in the middle of the semester to review their initial work, and at the end of the semester for the final presentation. Each engagement is approximately two hours, and takes place via video, (or at the school when permitted in the future).

We also ask that you provide us and the assigned faculty member with any background information that you have to aid the students in their research prior to the first week of the semester, when you first meet the assigned instructor in January. In addition, over the course of the semester, one point person from the class will email you questions or comments weekly, as agreed. Beyond that, we encourage you and your teams to be as involved as you are able for co-creative workshops, and to allow students to communicate freely and conduct observations, focus groups and interviews with various internal stakeholders.


Can I implement the ideas that the students create after the semester has ended?

It depends on the outcome: a) yes, for concepts regarding strategy, b) for a marketable product or service, we review each relationship on a case-by-case basis.  The New School and the Parsons School of Design supports the Intellectual Property Rights of its faculty and students in materials which they create or otherwise author related to academic work.


Will your students sign an NDA?

Yes, our students understand the proprietary nature of working with sensitive and protected information and will sign. We, and the assigned faculty, must be informed at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to insure a smooth flow of information and communication during the semester.  At the end of the project, and with your written approval, the students would like the flexibility to include samples of the work created in the classroom in regards to your firm in their portfolio.


What are the benefits of working with our students?

Strategic Design and Management students are thoughtful and rigorous in their approach to solving problems. They bring an international perspective and Gen Z viewpoint. We believe the research, materials and prototypes produced are at or are above industry standards. Our past external partners tell us that they experience an unexpected value-add after partnering with our students in IS1 in witnessing sustainable internal cultural changes in mindsets, processes, and methodologies.