Parsons DesignFutures | UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit

December 8, 2020

Parsons DesignFutures | UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit

Addressing the crisis of imagination, the Parsons exhibitions as part of the UNESCO Literacy Futures Summit draw representative examples from a large and diverse archive of student projects that investigate the ways in which design can be used as a practice of critique and speculation. This body of work challenges existing complex systems and proposes vivid and provocative alternatives.

December 8-9: Visitors will be able to interact with over 80 booths in a specially designed virtual exhibition space featuring Parsons DesignFutures. See the UNESCO Summit platform for more info and to register for the exhibition.

December 10-12: A 3-day program of live workshops and asynchronous events across all time zones. Register at the links below to join 3 live events hosted by Parsons School of Design Strategies. Register here on the TNS Splash page.

Tuesday, December 8 – Saturday, December 12