MS SDM Interest Groups

February 8, 2022

A new MS SDM initiative, Interest Groups, launch Tuesday, February 8th at 1pm eastern and will consist of facilitated Slack channels and monthly meet-ups dedicated to topics of importance around us.


Interest Group topics were chosen based on student and alumni feedback. We’ll create channels on the MS SDM Alumni slack and invite all current MS SDM students and MS SDM alumni to join. Here, participants can share their thoughts, upcoming events, job openings, news and resources.


Slack channels open:

02/08/2022 |  Tuesday  | 1 pm


Monthly virtual/in-person meet-ups:

Dates will be announced by facilitators on corresponding slack channels.


Interest group topics:

  • Socio-politics, economics, justice & equity Istem Akalp, Madhura Redij
  • Climate change & sustainability Jyoti Sondagar, Ishaanee Pandey
  • Future of work Noopur Ambre, Meshwa Kshatriya
  • Tech, AI & robotics Gaofenngwe Kabubi, Tako Sulakvelidze
  • Wellbeing & wellness Anwesha Sengupta, Shunichiro Tago