David Restrepo: Joining Empathy as a Visual and Strategic Designer

November 2, 2022

Congratulations to David Restrepo (SDM ’22) for joining Empathy as a Visual and Strategic Designer.


About the David Restrepo

Strategic Designer, Photographer, and Entrepreneur. Currently a graduate student at Parsons School of Design in the Strategic Design and Management Program. Main areas of work experience include the fashion, retail, and agriculture industries. Over 10 years of professional experience in management, design, and corporate governance. Focused on how the development of design oriented strategies can positively affect businesses bottom line.

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About Empathy

Empathy is  a strategic design studio, globally-oriented. They design sustainable, empathic and comprehensive experiences catering to people’s real needs. Their tailor-made solutions transform human insights into meaningful opportunities that drive growth and reshape the future.