December 1, 2021

Strategic Design and Management MS

Bringing together design thinking, management, and applied social sciences, the graduate program in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons responds to the need for businesses and organizations to address complex 21st-century economic, environmental, and social challenges. Methods from studio practice such as ideation, ethnographic research, prototyping, and service design are used to devise approaches to business and social innovation in global contexts. You gain critical design-based skills while developing sophisticated perspectives on organizational management and strategy, financial and environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, and ethical leadership.

Program Highlights

  • Studio-Based Approach
    Collaborate and experiment in a hands-on studio focusing on management and organizational strategy in which you think and design creatively, visually, and boldly.
  • Real-World Relevance
    Gain experience in designing and managing organizations, working with leading-edge partners in business, nonprofit, and public sectors and with industry-leading faculty.
  • Global Focus
    Apply creativity and design methods as tools for problem solving and leadership in future-oriented, socially engaged organizations in a variety of global contexts.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities
    Access ELab for design-led entrepreneurial research and enterprise development support, including an alumni mentorship program and fellowship, incubator, and accelerator options.
  • Applicant Profile
    This STEM-designated program is ideal for early- to mid-career professionals seeking to enhance their existing capabilities with design strategy skills and to cultivate next-generation organizational practices.


Our curriculum exposes you to innovative methods for designing, managing, and improving organizations of all kinds to better meet the needs of diverse stakeholders worldwide. Seminars provide you with social and scientific grounding in design, management, and economics, while studio courses enable you to apply evidence-based knowledge to real-world projects, helping you prepare for jobs in the private, nonprofit, or public sector. Finally, you can take elective courses in any college of the university to gain specialized knowledge in an area of personal or professional interest.
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Career Paths

Graduates are well positioned for careers in business, sustainability management, innovation, social enterprise, strategic and service design, and entrepreneurship in a wide range of industries, organizations, and professional fields. Students who are already working can apply their learning to become “intrapreneurs” in their current organizations, or advance into novel and emerging roles such as chief change officer, chief innovation officer, or lead design thinker.
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