Transdisciplinary Design

Christopher Taylor Edwards

Christopher Taylor Edwards is a design and digital strategist with a nearly 20 year career leading campaigns for nonprofit and corporate clients. He is currently a design fellow with the Knight Cities Program, Parsons and IDEO. Raised in Chicagoland and now based in Brooklyn, Christopher is now completing an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons, The New School for Design, where he is also a teaching assistant for a class on global issues in design and art. From his background in ethnographic urbanism and experience design, Christopher’s design practice engages the psychology of time and space, the pedagogy of empathy, and human development. His thesis research is focused on the careers of deaf and hard of hearing and how might the design of social support networks and the workplace environment support them. As a late deafened adult and gay man, Christopher is also an advocate for accessibility and social inclusion.. He serves on the associates board for Equal Justice USA, a leader in the fight for humane justice reform.


In the Studio

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