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Process Similarities Between Graphic Design, Video Editing and Improvisation

From looking at the similarities between a graphic designer and video editor’s process I hypothesized  that similar process elements are transmutable across all creative fields….

It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s Design + Social Science.

Francis Carter, Angeles Cortesi, Elie Kahwaji, Kiersten Nash + Kelly Tierney Social science and design are inextricably linked in the journey towards a more sustainable…

t r a n s – b a l a n c e

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Our Design-led Research class has recently been focusing on different design methodologies, and how they can usefully be incorporated into design research – particularly to…

Manufactured Marrakech

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by Jacqueline Cooksey & Minuette Le Over our recent Spring Break, we took the opportunity to turn a trip to Marrakech into a design research…

Nanotechnology: a template for transdisciplinary practice

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Ettore Sottsas believed that one of the most salient characteristics of an intellectual – and he was the first self proclaimed intellectual designer – is…

photo credit: Aaron Cansler

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What is this buzzword, Collaboration? There are so many different ways in which we can define, describe, strategize, theorize, and analyze it. Natalie Jeremijenko once…

It’s a wonderful life

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A box full of string, a 40’s classic and a raging faux fire set this scene. Welcome to one of the many contributions to our…

Beyond Collaboration

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10 individuals. 1 choreographer. 2 musicians and a videographer converge for 50 minutes to explore the boundaries of various social norms, including public, private, community,…

Lunch in Progress 3

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With our minds and fingers limbered up from a game of Jenga, we welcomed our latest lunch in progress guest Nigel Snoad. Billed as a…

what is red, white, blue & green all over?

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TRUST. IF we define TRUST as a verb that means to rely on another person or entity. And IF we define INFRASTRUCTURE as a collaboration…