About our Partners

February 22, 2022

Bringing together design thinking, management, and applied social sciences, the graduate program in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons responds to the need for businesses and organizations across sectors to address complex 21st-century economic, environmental, and social challenges. Partnering with internationally renowned Parsons School of Design and its students is a coveted opportunity for external partners with a heightened relevance for our future. The MS SDM Program offers a diverse range of robust engagement opportunities to leverage our talented and diverse pool of design strategists ready and able to engage with you. Engagement opportunities include:


    • Project Collaboration | Partner with us in our 15-week Integrative Studio course, or a shorter Design Sprint in which teams of students provide strategic design solutions to your organization’s challenge.

    • Employment/Internships | Participate in our networking events each semester to identify students for existing part-time or full-time employment opportunities and internships.

    • Speaker Series | Participate as a speaker in our public events, where we examine strategic design as a field of practice.

    • Employment/Internship Opportunities | Do you have employment opportunities or announcements for the MS SDM community? Submit content for our Twitter, Instagram, the News & Announcements page, and/or the bi-semesterly MS SDM Quarterly newsletter. Or, meet our students directly at our Net.WORK. events at the end of Fall and the beginning of Spring semester.


Visit the Our Partners page for examples of the work our students achieve in partnership with industry leaders like yourselves, or visit the FAQs page to learn more about partnering with the MS SDM.