PDGM 5200: Integrative Studio One (Campus Cohort), Spring 2013

April 19, 2013
IMG_9690“Integrative Studio is a collaborative playground – students with the mentoring of an experienced Professor, create a formidable yet a flexible partnership with clients to adapt to the fast changing economy to redesign the business to succeed with the potential to create a larger impact in their market.   WordCloud
“Collaborating to learn is a driving force in our research design thinking methodologies – from students learning from our faculty members’ expertise to learning about the client’s business challenges, Parson’s M.S. Strategic Design + Management program challenges students to create business strategies based on facts and research rather than assumptions.”
“What makes Integrative Studio an invaluable experience of Parson’s M.S. Strategic Design + Management program is the opportunity to work with a real client whose business will experience the powerful impact of design thinking research methodologies. We as design thinkers have the chance to make a positive business and a creative impact for our clients who value social impact.” BIG-LealStats
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