Vogue Business Column: From Hermes to Chanel, Why Luxury Brands Connect with Biotechnology Startups?

May 9, 2023


Angel King (Yu Wang, SDM ’23), Strategic Design & Management Graduate Student, recently co-authored an editorial work with Vogue Business China. This column focuses on the collaboration between luxury brands and bio-fabric startups. The column also mentioned about SDS & School of Fashion Part-Time Faculty – CAROLINA OBREGÓN, and Parsons Textile Design Alumnus Chloe Uyen Tran.

“For luxury brands with mature industry chains and product lines, it is not practical to open a separate sustainable material production line, and sustainable material innovation is still in a nascent stage. Therefore, they are more willing to cooperate with sustainable material companies, and the luxury brands’ strong demand for sustainable fabrics has created a hot market for these material start-ups in the capital market.”


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