January 27, 2022

Intergenerational interactions have been an important way to document and preserve the vast amounts of knowledge that has been acquired over hundreds of years through close interaction with nature. Generational Knowledge has been passed on linearly within families and if one generation misses passing on this knowledge, it is a huge loss to the community. Hejje means step in Kannada, a language spoken in south of India. Hejje: from my generation to yours is a platform initiative that uses ways of storytelling and play to initiate conversations between elderly and children, to revive the flow of generational knowledge and sustain diverse communities. From product to platform, Hejje will operate from smaller impact areas within families to the larger ecosystem with the vision to decrease social isolation for the elderly and create a place for them within the learning environment for children and young adults. In the pilot phase, virtual cards available on www.hejjeindia.com is for anyone to use in conversations to swap stories and build empathy through discovering each other’s worlds.

Samaya Burde

Lisa Norton